Registering for a conference is a big decision


That’s why the past feedback from our events is important to you…

Below you’ll find a collection of survey results and testimonials taken from our 3 previous Mobile East Africa events. We’ve included them to assure you that as the organisers we do “walk the walk” as well as “talk the talk”.







“Thank you for the awesome conference – can’t wait for the next one!”

Charles Gichuki, Creative Director, Sprout

“What a fantastic event!”

Thomas Mbalu, Creative Director, OgilvyOne Africa

“We are eternally grateful to you for the type of lead generation, publicity and networking the event offered us.”

Terence Chibire, Sales and Marketing Director, MobiDev

“MWEA2013 was an engaging and very enjoyable conference.”

Sam Wanjohi, Managing Director, Foresight Group

“I liked every bit of the conference and hope it’s just the tip of the iceberg of what’s coming in future Mobile Web East Africa events.”

Kennedy Kasina, Ambassador, Fedora Project

“The event was great; very informative. I can’t wait for next year’s.”

Anthony Kirathe, Social Media Manager, East Africa Digital Marketers

“I was delighted to be part of the conference and I really learnt a lot. Bravo for organising such events to help us take ICT to the next level, especially in Africa.”

Julius Omondi, Reporter, BizTechAfrica

“Thanks for hosting. It was a well organized event!”

Alex Masika, Business Development Manager, Digital Divide Data Kenya

“MWEA2013 was very useful for my business and was impeccably organized.”

Marie Lora-Mungai, Founder & CEO, Buni TV

“I want to thank you and your wonderful team for a very successful conference.”

Daniel D’uwa, Director, Wired Media

“Thank you for the awesome work you did and especially for being at the forefront of the mobile ecosystem on the continent.”

Sam Wakoba, CEO & Founder,

“What a great conference; I learn so much relevant information. It was very refreshing to listen to and interact with such a range of attendees.”

Julie Murugi, Principal Associate, Altus Health Associates

“Thank you for another great conference!”

Nadeem Juma, Chairman, AIM Group





“The conference was simply a hit! It was timely and the variety of speakers drawn from both government and private sectors was the best combination. I will not miss any of these events as long as they are held in Kenya.”

John Kamwara, Director, Technology Partnership

“By far the most well organized, interactive and informative conference I’ve attended in Kenya. Winning the MWEA App Developer competition has been the best thing to happen to eLimu. Can’t wait for the next one!”

Nivi Mukherjee, Founder, eLimu

“MWEA2012 was a great event that attracted powerful stakeholders in the tech industry. The coordination was great and it was also a good networking opportunity.”

Judith Owigar, President, AkiraChix

“I can never miss Mobile Web East Africa and next time am flying in everyone from my company HQ in Uganda. It was really awesome.”

Billy Kaye, CEO, Crystal Interactive Systems

“Big congratulations on the success of Mobile Web East Africa. I know that I made some seriously amazing connections in what was a great crowd of innovators!”

Toni Maraviglia, Founder and CEO, MPrep

“The roundtable sittings, the on-spot contributions from the speakers, the dexterity of the event management team!!! Wow! Excellent! Second to none! Kudos!”

George Wambiya, Associate Consultant, Milestones Development Consultants

“The conference was informative, engaging and all inclusive. The physical set up and programme was well developed allowing a great opportunity for discussion and airing of issues. The conference provided a diversity of participants/speakers thus contributing positively to great networking opportunities. I am definitely looking forward to future Mobile Web East Africa events.”

Alexia Njambi, Associate, TMT Practice, K&O Associates

“Great networking and locally relevant information for the African mobile industry. Looking forward to the next one!”

Osibo Imhoitsike, Market Coordinator Sub Saharan Africa, Opera Software

“You can count of the Mobile Web conferences to bring Africa’s networks and minds closer; great networking opportunity.”

Nanjira Sambuli, Digital Strategist, Sprint Interactive

“It’s an important event for every company/person who is interested in the mobile web in Kenya and to a certain extent, Africa. Good networking opportunity.”

James Wamathai, Owner, Wamathai Creative

“We thought the quality of the overall event was excellent and look forward to attending in upcoming years.”

Alix Grubel, Owner, KenyaBuzz

“This conference brings the trend to your doorstep for you to jump on to the bus and be recognised as a ‘trend setter’.”

Isaac Maluki, Research & Development Manager, Old Mutual Kenya

“The event was managed in an excellent way – the organisers were kind and professional and the venue was perfect. I’ll definitely attend the next one.”

Brenda Wambui, Digital Strategist, Afrinnovator

“It was a great conference I must say and I look forward to attending these in the future especially for the region. The networking opportunities were great and I am already following up with some of the developers I met there.”

Allan Zaramba, Digital Manager, Monitor Publications

“The experience was great, especially with the impressive line-up of speakers. It was also a very good opportunity for us to network too and most of all, we actually had fun.”

Jackie Mutua, Samsung Product Concept Researcher, @iLabAfrica

“Thanks for a successful and compelling event; hope to see more of the same.”

Daniel D’uwa, Film Director, Wired Media

“I very much enjoyed the MWEA conference and was able to make some great connections from it. It was well organized and the location was fantastic.“

Beryl Opar, Managing Director, Justek Innovations

“We at Virtual Designs would like to give thanks for the opportunity you gave us to participate at the Mobile Web East Africa 2012. This has made us work harder and you can count us as delegates at next year’s event.”

Cliff Nyaberi, Game Developer, Virtual Designs

“It was an excellent networking opportunity where I made some really important connections for my organisation.”

Mark Kamau, Training Coordinator, NairoBits Trust

“The event was awesome; I got a lot of advice from the experienced guys in the apps field which really changed the way I look at it. Congratulations on the success.”

Samuel Ngoda, Developer,

“The keynote speakers were fantastic and we got the opportunity to network with many of our peers; this has already led to many meetings and international interest.”

Mikul Shah, Managing Director, Eat Out Kenya

“I really had a fantastic time and learnt a lot. I networked and got contacts that will help me upgrade my SMS service to an application. I must confess that the conference was an eye opener in very many ways and at the end I was brimming with new ideas.”

Anastasia Mbatia, Director, Scratch Africa Agricultural Center

“Mobile Web East Africa was a very awesome platform to learn and discuss trends that will make the mobile economy a vibrant sustaining one.”

Martin Gicheru, CEO, Techweez Solutions

“A great line up of speakers and highly informative.”

John Carroll, Directory of Technology, ForgetMeNot Software

“Excellent organisation; nice mix of discussions.”

John Karanja, Founder,

“Incredible conference, great networking opportunity. It’s amazing to have your mind challenged when you are around great people.”

Robert Kunga, Consultant Analyst, PKF East Africa

“It opened my mind up to what happening currently in this field. Think big, think local, do simple!”

Patricia Waithera, E-Marketing Manager, Strategic Industries

“It’s my first time for the conference; met great business people for future networking.”

Lawrence Wambua, Marketing Consultant, Junk Mail Publishing Group

“Very relevant participants and excellent topics discussed. Great atmosphere.”

Nancy Wang, Managing Director, Innovation for Africa (I.4.A.)

“Great experience. Better than the first one. Really enjoyed it.”

Robert Alai, Chief Blogger, TechMtaa

“Good organising, wonderful preparation and excellent presentations.”

Samuel Olando, Reporter, Kenya News Agency

“This was the first event I have attended and will definitely attend another. This is a good way for developers and content generators to monetise local content over the growing mobile use in the region.”

Allan Zaramba, Digital Manager, Monitor Publications

“Very interactive and informative, especially the panel discussions.”

Jacob Mwema, Founder, Fomobi Solutions

“There’s so much that I have learnt at this conference, so much information. I am well informed now.”

Grace Kirira, Acting Team Leader, Systems & Support, Mobile Planet

“Great way for me to network and introduce the new Push Kenya in the market. Keep it up guys, I wouldn’t want to miss the next one.”

Claire Ng’eno, General Manager, Push Mobile Media

“I was extremely happy with all aspects of the event. It was very informative and resourceful; there was a very good mix of presenters and projects.”

Anjna Shah, Finance Manager, Pride Africa

“It was an amazing opportunity for me to grow my network as well as acquire valuable information about the mobile market, potential competitors and potential customers.”

Hyder Alhad Hyder, Co-Founder, Dawn Deliveries

“The conference was very informative and the round table format was unlike anything I had experienced. I would highly recommend it to anybody interested in the mobile ecosystem.”

Ian Mugambi, Mobile Application Developer